15 Questions to Ask A Wedding Photographer Before Booking


Selecting the perfect wedding photographer can indeed feel like a daunting task, particularly when faced with many photographers to choose from.  I’ve put together 15 questions that you should ask your potential wedding photographer.


1. What is your style of photography?

When looking for a wedding photographer, it’s crucial to ask these questions because ensuring your comfort with the photography style is paramount. Additionally, exploring various types of photographers can help you discern your preferences. Do you envision natural and relaxed photos, playful and quirky images, traditional elegance, journalistic storytelling, or something entirely unique to capture your special day?

The keyword to my style of wedding photography is ‘natural’. Although there is a place for traditional photographs, natural photos allow capturing the real emotion of the day without staged smiles. I like to be discrete and capture the day as it really happens and capture moments that you inevitably miss whilst you are busy being the bride and groom! I always strive to tell the story of your special day.


2. Can I see examples of complete wedding albums?

This approach enables you to get a comprehensive view of the photographer’s portfolio, going beyond the select images they’ve chosen to showcase.

I have several wedding albums from various weddings, each featuring unique sizes and designs.  Full details and prices can be found here.


Chris Hughes Photography Durham Wedding Albums


3. What wedding packages do you offer?

Understanding the package’s precise contents is essential. Does it encompass an album, a USB stick, or any other components?

My wedding photography packages include a wooden USB stick in a lovely wooden box with space for a few 6×4 prints.  Albums can be purchased see question 2 above and full package details are here.


Chris Hughes Photography Durham Wedding USB


4. How many hours of coverage do we get?

If you decide on a full-day package, it’s crucial to confirm that the photographer will be available to capture moments until at least the first dance of the evening.

My wedding photography packages don’t have a set amount of hours, but more covers the key events.  My full-day package starts approximately 2 hours before needing to leave for the ceremony right through to shortly after the first dance.  I want to make sure I catch photos of your guests enjoying the party you have thrown for them 🙂


5. What key images will you take?

This is your opportunity to seek advice from the photographer and discuss the specific images and moments you’d like to capture.

My wedding photography packages page lists the key events that I cover with each package.  Closer to your wedding I will be in touch with my standard family group list for you to create your family group list for your traditional photos and if you have specific requests please do ask.


6. Are you insured?

A professional wedding photographer should have both indemnity and public liability insurance.

Relax, I’m fully insured!


7. What if it rains or snows?

Planning for inclement weather is a crucial consideration for a wedding photographer.  They should have a backup plan.

In the event that it does rain or snow, it is not the end of the world, a bit of rain or snow never hurt anyone and it can add to the emotion of the day. If it really is too adverse to venture outside, don’t worry I will have already scouted out alternative locations indoors or undercover for photographs.  I’ve even stood the bride & groom and your guests under a tree for family photos before whilst I got soaked, that’s dedication!


8. Have you taken photos at my venue before?

If your photographer hasn’t mentioned it, it’s a good idea to inquire whether they would be open to visiting the wedding venue before the actual wedding day. This visit can be beneficial as it allows the photographer to become familiar with the location, its unique features, and lighting conditions, ensuring they are well-prepared to capture stunning photos on your special day.

I have photographed many different wedding venues and there’s a very good chance I have photographed your wedding venue before.


York Wedding Photographer


9. Will it be just you photographing on the day?

It’s essential to clarify how many photographers will be present on your wedding day. Typically, an experienced photographer aims to capture moments from a discreet distance without being obtrusive. In larger weddings, there is often a main photographer and an assistant to ensure comprehensive coverage while maintaining a non-intrusive approach.

Generally, it will be me photographing your wedding and I manage to capture a lot of your big day, they are very active days 🙂  If you would like a 2nd photographer to capture even more I can arrange a 2nd photographer for an extra fee.


10. What would happen if you were ill on the day?

Photographers often belong to professional networks or guilds, which can be helpful if a replacement photographer is needed on your wedding day due to unforeseen circumstances.

In the exceptionally rare event that I cannot photograph your wedding, I do have photographer contacts I can call upon to cover your wedding.  In all the years I have been photographing there has only been 1 wedding that I couldn’t attend due to a surprise illness on the morning of the wedding.  I will do everything in my power to attend or find someone to cover.


11. How long have you been a photographer?

Ideally, if your budget permits, opt for an experienced photographer. It’s crucial to feel relaxed on your wedding day and have trust that the photographer is capturing the moments you desire.

At the time of writing this, I have been a professional wedding photographer for 9 years so I have seen and experienced it all.  I’ve run errands, fastened jewellery, gave people a lift to a venue, so I’m not afraid to muck in.


12. Do I have to pay extra to buy the photos?

It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what’s included in your photography package and what additional costs may apply. Discuss this with your photographer upfront and review your contract carefully to avoid any surprises. This will help ensure that you get the photos you desire within your budget.

No, you do not pay extra for photos.  What you are receiving with my wedding photography packages is all the digital files on a USB with personal printing rights so you can go to any photo booth and print your photos.  You can also share them on social media.

Durham Wedding Photographer

13. How long will it take to receive the photos?

The anticipation of seeing your photos can be excruciating, so it’s wise to be prepared for the waiting period.

You will receive your photos within 8 weeks but that is the very maximum and in extremely busy times, but usually its about 4 weeks.


14. Do you take traditional family group photos and how long does it take?

Some photographers are all natural and in the moment and don’t take traditional family group photos so make sure to ask and find the photographer that suits you.

The simple answer is yes. I try to keep this part of the day as brief as possible, to allow you and your guests to enjoy the day.  I take a mixture of natural in the moment photos and also your traditional family group photos, but if you would rather I didn’t just ask and we can take the traditional staged family section out of the day.

The traditional family group photos and bride/groom portraits take roughly 30-45 minutes but it does depend on how many groups you require, but no matter how many, I try to keep this part of the day as brief as possible to allow you to get back to the party. Once the group photos are complete, I will whisk the bride and groom away for more intimate couple photographs. This time will be the first real-time that the two of you can relax a little away from your busy day. I will have already scouted out some lovely locations in the venue or grounds to get some beautiful images.

You won’t be asked for any cheesy posing, it will all be very relaxed and I will capture the real love and emotion between yourself and your new husband/wife.


15. Do you offer any extras?

Photographers often offer additional services such as engagement shoots, photo booths, and albums. Engagement shoots are commonly included in packages, serving as an opportunity to become comfortable in front of the camera and build a rapport with your photographer.

Yes, I offer engagement shoots, a video of your ceremony, albums, prints and canvases.


You can find these questions and other questions on my FAQ page.


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