FM Perfume by Federico Mahora

I was asked by an Instragram influencer to create some product photos of some Federico Mahora & FM Cosmetics perfume that they had been asked to promote.  I had a few ideasRead More…


Amelia Photo Shoot

These images are from a home photoshoot with Amelia and Elsa.  We started with Amelia and her dog Elsa before moving on to Amelia in her horse-riding outfit and finishing off withRead More…


Elsa – Dog Portrait

These photos are from a pet photoshoot with Elsa showing examples of dog and pet portraits.  If you would like to enquire about a photoshoot session with your pet please get inRead More…


Thomas Wright House Hotel Photography

I was commissioned by Thomas Wright House to create some new hotel room photos of two of their newly refurbished rooms.   Below is a sample of images