Paul & Faye Wedding, Barnard Castle Registry Office, Bowes Museum and Evenwood W.M.C.


Paul & Faye’s wedding photography started out at the bridal preparations in Evenwood.  I arrived at the bride’s parents house around 1pm on the 15th October 2016.  There was both excitement and nervousness in the air.  I began taking photos of the wedding shoes and the flowers, which where lovely red and cream roses spread out across the table.  There were 3 very energetic little girls, which where fun to photograph.  They loved posing for the camera giving lovely big smiles.

I moved on to photograph the bride’s dress which was hanging upstairs in the spare room.  The dress was plain on the bottom with an embroidery pattern dotted around the dress.  The top part of the dress had lace.

Once the bride was ready there was further excitement that the wedding was imminent.  I took the short time to get photos of the bride and her father before I headed off to the wedding venue.

The wedding ceremony took place at the registry office in Barnard Castle, County Durham. Guests were all seated when I arrived, with the groom and best man floating around.  I often have a small joke with the best man when I ask if he has the rings so I can take a photo πŸ™‚

After the ceremony we went to Bowes Museum for family photographs.  Bowes Museum is a stunning backdrop to any photo and I think the photos do look amazing.

The wedding reception took place at Evenwood W.M.C. and was now a perfect time for everyone to relax and just enjoy themselves with plenty of food, drink and dancing.



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